Wills and Powers of Attorney

It can be tempting to leave making your will on your ‘To Do’ list, but planning ahead can prove reassuring for you and your loved ones.

It may seem as though there’s never a perfect time to sit down and consider your will, but if it’s something you haven’t attended to or it’s a long time since you did, it’s definitely worth making it a priority. Making sure your affairs are in order is a key part of effective financial planning, and putting arrangements in place now can save your loved ones a great deal of stress.

Not only does making a will mean that your estate will be passed on to the people who you want to benefit, it’s also vital for effective inheritance tax planning. With a carefully written will, you and your heirs can make the most of the available tax reliefs, and make sure your assets go where you want them to.

Even if you already have a will, your circumstances may have changed significantly in the meantime. A regular review will help make sure it remains relevant and up to date.


Power of attorney

The effects of ageing or illness may mean that when the time comes for important decisions, you aren’t able to make them yourself. However, by planning ahead, you can be sure that someone you trust will be able to manage your affairs on your behalf, if or when the need arises.

We work closely with experienced legal service providers who can arrange wills and powers of attorney, and as part of our own service, we’ll refer you to them if required. When it comes to protecting you and your estate, it’s reassuring to know that you have everything in hand.

Please note that the details surrounding your tax liabilities and reliefs can change periodically, and will depend on your individual situation.

*The writing of a will or powers of attorney involves the referral to a service which is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place. Wills and powers of attorney are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.