Business Owners

At Capstone Financial we specialise in helping business owners to achieve their family, business, financial and lifestyle objectives.

As part of this process, we will work closely with your existing professional advisers, helping you make the most of your business assets. We will also work with you to do exactly the same for your personal assets.

After a period of consideration and consultation, we will advise and help implement a long-term financial plan, incorporating your business and personal objectives. This will help to provide you with the time and peace of mind to focus on the successful running of your business – because that is what you do best.

For You & Your Family

Many business owners regard their business as their primary source of retirement planning.

“My business is my pension” is an expression often used. In other words, they expect to realise sufficient capital from the sale of their business to secure a comfortable retirement for themselves and their immediate family. For some, this will become a reality, although for others, it will remain an unrealised dream.

Our service is specifically designed to assist you with long-term planning to help you create financial independence from your business.

We will also provide advice to help protect you and your family against future risks so that you can enjoy a relaxed retirement.


For You & Your Business

As a successful business owner, you will be aware of the financial planning needs of your business. You will be aware that benefits are critical to recruiting and retaining staff; you may be concerned about auto-enrolment, and you will also know the importance of key person cover and protection.

However, you may not have the detailed knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions that will be of most benefit to your company.

Having worked with business owners for many years, we can conduct a financial review of your business and make the necessary recommendations.


How we help Business Owners

Financial Planning For Business Owners

Many business owners see their business as their retirement plan – a means of one day raising capital from its sale to fund a comfortable family life. Whether this plan will eventually come to fruition depends on a wide range of factors, and it can often be something of a gamble.

Tax Planning For Business Owners

Diligent tax planning is all part of the service we offer to business owners, ensuring that you make full use of all the allowances and arrangements available to you.

Cashflow For Business Owners

Every business owner knows that cash management is vital for everyday operations, but for small and medium-sized businesses, it can be difficult to ensure that the cash you have available is working as hard as it can. Maximising cash returns without compromising on accessibility or business security is something we’re able to help with.

Protection For Business Owners

While many people appreciate the value of a personal will, many businesses fail to realise how important it is to take similar decisions regarding the future of the business in the event of death or critical illness.

Employee Benefits For Business Owners

An effective benefits and remuneration strategy is an excellent means of attracting and retaining high-quality employees, and we can help you assess the available options and select the benefits appropriate to your business.

Pension Planning For Employers

Since 2012, auto enrolment has been an obligation for almost every employer. Designed to increase the numbers of people making financial provision for their retirement, it requires employers to enrol qualifying employees into a pension scheme and pay a contribution too.