Financial Advice That’s More ‘You’

It’s your money, your family, your future. That’s why we think your financial advice should revolve around you.

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Financial advice tailored to you

It may seem a little surprising, but when it comes to planning your financial future, there’s something that’s much more important than money. And that’s you.

Business Owners

At Capstone Financial we specialise in helping business owners to achieve their family, business, financial and lifestyle objectives.

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Senior Executives

We recognise that the life of a senior executive is a busy one, with unique challenges and opportunities that a sound financial plan can address.

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Medical Professionals

Working in medicine can be hugely rewarding, but it’s a field that also comes with significant challenges.

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Entering retirement doesn’t mean your need for a financial plan goes away. Retirement can last many years, and quality financial planning remains essential.

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Company Directors

As well as providing expert advice about your company’s finances, we can also help each director plan for their own future too.

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If you’ve chosen the flexibility and freedom of contracting, we’ll help make sure your business affairs remain in great shape.

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With our deep understanding of the charity sector’s rules and regulations, we can help charities make the best use of their assets.

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Sports Professionals

A professional sports career can be rewarding but uncertain. We have the expertise to help plan your financial future whatever your specific needs.

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Personalised Financial Planning

From retirement planning to structuring your finances for the benefit of all your family, we can help you unlock your wealth’s full potential. Once we understand what you want to achieve, we’ll then work with you on a personalised financial plan.

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Why Choose Capstone Financial

Award winning advice

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients get access to exceptional financial advice. That’s why we like our awards, to show that we know our stuff!

Award-Winning Advice
Put our clients first

Our company was set up to ensure our advisers have the time and expertise to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Our Client Promise
Invest in our people

Everyone who joins us wants to be the best at what they do, so we support them with a clear development plan to help them build a career for the long term.

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