Safeguarding Your Business’s Future

It’s never too early to think ahead and plan for your business’s future to ensure it’s in the best possible hands.

If you run your own business, it’s a wise move to consider what might happen to it once you’re no longer willing or able to carry on. Previous generations may have assumed that their business would pass to their children, but times have changed and this is no longer an assumption that can be made.

Whether you want the business to continue as a successful concern within your own family, or you’re planning to look for a buyer and realise its value, you need expert help to decide on the best course of action. We’ll also help you consider other unexpected challenges such as the owner’s sudden death or critical illness, and put in place a robust protection plan – with an appropriately drafted will* – to help avoid any unnecessary upset.

*Where will writing services are required, we’ll refer you to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place. Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.