Discretionary and Stockbroking Services

If you have specific investment requirements, or you would like to delegate control of your investments, we offer access to wealth management and stockbroking services tailored to your needs.

All our solutions are tailored to your requirements, so if you need discretionary and stockbroking services or you would like to delegate control of your investments, we are more than ready to help.

In these instances, we can introduce you to Rowan Dartington – the Discretionary Fund management and Stockbroking arm of St. James’s Place, who offer bespoke investment solutions.

When you choose this discretionary service, a Rowan Dartington investment manager works with you to create a portfolio that meets your individual needs and manages it on a discretionary basis. We also ensure that your discretionary portfolio works alongside the rest of your investments.

Because your bespoke portfolio is specific to you, it can reflect all your values and expectations. This could include the responsible investing bespoke portfolio service, allowing you to align your investment choices in a way that has a positive impact on the world.

You can also take advantage of the capital gains tax service to help you with efficient tax management, while the AIM inheritance tax portfolio service enables you to pass wealth on in a tax-efficient manner.

Non-domiciled individuals resident in the UK can benefit from the overseas portfolio management service.

You may even benefit from a loan secured against your portfolio’s assets by taking advantage of specialist lending facilities.

Via the stockbroking services, you can receive advice regarding individual investments including direct equities, allowing you to manage your portfolio yourself. Alternatively, you can choose a straightforward dealing service if you know what you would like to buy or sell.

If you already have asset holdings with other providers, the discretionary and stockbroking services both allow you to move these assets across so that you have them together in one place.

The value of investments with Rowan Dartington can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount you initially invest.