Protection Planning

We all hope for a smooth journey through life, and preparing for uncertainties can help reduce the impact when unwanted events occur.

From locking the door at night to taking care on a slippery pavement, we all understand that protection against some everyday events is just part of life. Of course, some events have the potential to have a greater impact on our lives, so it makes sense to protect ourselves from these too.

People’s priorities may differ, but most recognise that it’s important to insure against car theft, burglary or a fire that could devastate the home. However, fewer people insure against other major events such as serious illness or a sudden, disastrous drop in income. If your family’s main income earner was unable to work, how would you manage to survive?

Fortunately, there are much better options available than simply crossing your fingers and hoping the worst doesn’t happen. We’ll talk you through all the possibilities, including life cover in all its forms, critical illness insurance and disability solutions, all of which could prove invaluable if the unthinkable should happen.

The products we have access to in conjunction with our carefully selected providers include life cover (both term assurance and whole of life cover), critical illness, income protection, benefits for employees, and private medical insurance. Other products are available too, which we can recommend depending on your personal circumstances.