Cash Flow Modelling

Cash flow modelling is an effective way to take a look at your current and future finances and work out how much you might need.

The future may be uncertain in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to forecast what your finances will look like – and, crucially, whether you’re going to have enough money to achieve your future goals. Using cash flow modelling, we’re able to analyse your income and assets along with your regular outgoings and one-off expenses and see how your finances will shape up over the coming years.

It’s an excellent way to see where there are potential surpluses or shortfalls, and we’re then in a position to discuss your options and help you get your finances on track for the future you want.

If you have questions around your future financial position, such as ‘When will I be able to afford to retire?’ or ‘If I spend more now, am I likely to run out of money?’, cash flow modelling will give you the answers you need. We talk through all the results with you and demonstrate the effects of future decisions, giving you the fullest possible picture of what tomorrow could look like – and what you may need to do today to achieve the future you hope for.

The videos below demonstrate how using cash flow modelling can help you plan to achieve your future goals.

Pre-Retirement Planning:

Into Retirement and Beyond: