Estate Administration

Administering an estate after someone’s death can be complex and time consuming, but we can ease the burden at what could be a difficult time.

When a person dies, their legal, financial and personal tax affairs must be dealt with. This process, known as estate administration, can be complex, requiring detailed knowledge of taxation and legal matters, and the penalties for getting it wrong can be significant.

All the deceased’s assets have to be dealt with, including property, possessions, investments, debts and other expenses. It might also be necessary to notify beneficiaries, deal with income tax liabilities, calculate and pay inheritance tax, take care of specialist legal work, and more. In short, it’s rarely a simple task for the uninitiated, and you should be wary of attempting to handle it alone.

If the time and effort involved in estate administration seem prohibitive – not to mention the fact that you may find yourself personally liable for any errors – we can offer a trusted, proven solution. With access to King’s Court Trust, St. James’s Place preferred provider of estate administration, we can refer you to experienced professionals who are leaders in their field. That way, you can relax knowing that the entire process is taken care of, and just as importantly, that King’s Court Trust have your best interests at heart.

Please note this involves the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place.